When we were sheet metal processors ourselves, we didn't find the ideal sheet metal supplier.
So we founded it.

Steel Service Center

We are a leading independent and stockholding Steel Service Center (SSC). We supply small coils, coils, slit strips, standard and custom-made steel sheets. 

With Atlas Blech Center you have a competent partner with a comprehensive service package for your entire pre-material planning of flat steel. Perhaps you have only used a small part of our offer so far. The fact is that we can do a great deal for you. 

What we offer 

International Steel Procurement at leading European steel mills

Coil stocks with a selection of 30,000 tons 

Processing on our own cut-to-length, slitting and straightening lines 

Transport logistics without fixed tour commitments 

Finished material storage for short-term delivery and/or warehouse outsourcing 

Perfect documentation for maximum transparency and traceability 

10,000 tons of finished goods in warehouse 
for maximum material availability and short delivery times. 

Standard formats and grades can be delivered at short notice from our finished goods warehouse at current market prices. 


Companies from a wide variety of industries have been relying on our flat steel solutions for decades! Discover our milestones in the history of our company here and get to know us even better. 


Around 1965 the industrialist Hugo Wagner and his son Ing. Hugo F. Wagner decided to set up their sheet metal service center for the existing metal door factories. 

In 1967/68, a processing center for sheet metal was set up in Mauthausen as part of the ATLAS Ideal door factories (Linz, Mauthausen and Sao Paulo). It was needed to have dimensionally accurate cut sheet metal and slit strips and profiles available for producing doors and gates. For this purpose, a new, approximately 2,500 m² production and storage hall was built at the existing location and investments were made in a new Ungerer cut-to-length line and an RDB slitting line. A profiling line was also part of the steel service center division. 


In 1974, for organizational and strategic reasons, the Sheet Metal Service Center division was incorporated into a separate company, Atlas-Blech-Center GesmbH. The task of this newly founded company was mainly the production of sheet metal and slit strips as well as profiles for the metal door factory. From now on, however, contract work (cutting to length, slitting) was also offered for selected partners in the Austrian steel distribution and some well-known sheet metal processors. 


When the metal door factory was separated at the end of 1988, a new strategy was also adopted for the Atlas Blech Center. The profiling line was sold, and the focus was exclusively on slitting and cutting to length, as well as the proper storage and logistics of sheet metal. 


Around 1990, the existing cut-to-length and slitting line was improved through significant investments and the buildings were expanded. 

In 1992, two major strategic decisions were made: firstly, the investment in a new cut-to-length line (QTA2) to be able to process an extended sheet thickness range of up to 4 mm, and secondly, to start sheet metal trading with immediate effect and to offer standard and custom made products. Toll processing should continue to be an essential mainstay. 

In 1993, rooms previously used as social rooms in the existing office building were converted into offices and now offer a total of approx. 250 m2 of office space. In addition, there is another 300 m2 of office, social and archive space at the company headquarters in Linz. 


In the year 2000, the slitting line was significantly improved in that a new decoiler and upcoiler for coil weights of 30 tons were installed. The sling pit was deepened to a total of 30 m compensation and is therefore also sufficient for thin slit strips. Furthermore, in the year 2000, an approx. 8,000 m2 large neighbouring property was acquired. 

In 2006, the new cut-to-length line QTA3 was put into operation, which is primarily aimed at new products (hot strip) as well as further improved product quality, product range expansion (thickness up to 8 mm and width up to 2000 mm) and increased throughput volume to equip all lines with 30 to decoilers so that ABC can process 30 to large coils on all processing lines. 

In 2009 the decision to export to neighbouring EU-countries was made. 


In May 2010 the company was successfully certified according to ISO 9001. In January 2012, the two new factory halls were built, and the office building was expanded. These new halls are used as storage, logistics and production halls. 

In 2015, by purchasing a new cut-to-length line, we expanded our range to include the processing of "black" hot-rolled strip steel. With this investment, we have further expanded our leading position for flat steel in Central Europe. In the thickness range from 0.45 to 8.00 mm, we are now the only mill-independent steel service center that processes all commercial grades on our own cut-to-length and slitting lines. 


In order to prepare ourselves for the ongoing shortage of skilled workers, we are investing in new and autonomous solutions in many areas that support our employees as best as possible in their tasks. The topic of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important, and therefore CO2 emissions are reduced. 

In 2020, the first decisions on investments were made: these were the construction of a fully automatic strapping system, including a bunk insert and a fully automated sheet metal pack packaging line. Both projects went into operation in 2022. In addition, the entire hall lighting was replaced with energy-saving LED technology, and a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof. With the PV system, 40% of the annual electricity consumption can be generated CO2-neutral; thus, 78 tons of CO2 can be avoided annually. 

4 cut-to-length lines
Thicknesses: from 0.5mm to 8.0mm 
Widths: up to 2000mm 
Coils: up to 30 tons 

1 slitting line 
Thicknesses: from 0.5 mm to 4.0 mm 
Widths: up to 1500mm 
Coils: up to 30 tons